It's all about that first impression

IT'S ALL ABOUT THAT FIRST IMPRESSION. Photography plays a huge role into how your audience perceives your business. If you want a recognizable and trusted brand, imagery that matches, no, elevates your brand is crucial. Just as if you’re hiring a wedding photographer, you want to hire someone whose creative direction and style matches your own aesthetic, just as much as you should want to hire someone you work well with.

Imagery has a way of story-telling, what story are you trying to tell your audience and how can your photographer enhance that? There is a lot that goes into the making of a strong brand, and photography cannot be left out of that. Show off your visual identity! Investing in yourself and/ or your brand should pay for itself. Taking a course that levels up your services and allows you to charge more? Paying for itself. Paying for branding and copywriting that tells your audience that you are trustworthy and serious therefore increasing sales? Pays for itself. Professional on-brand photography that opens up an opportunity for connection, relatability and only enhancing their trust in you? Pays.for.itself.

Photography is a great way to document special events, landmarks in your life, etc. but it is so much more than that. First of all, you should not feel like you need to have accomplished something huge or got engaged in order to hire a photographer. Every chapter in your life is special, even when it feels low. In fact, I think photography can be a great way to break out of your shell or pull yourself out of a rut. It's an opportunity to celebrate where you’re at and get creative. Things can change so quickly and once a chapter has passed it is too late to go back and appreciate that time more than you did. Let photography do some of the story-telling for you, it might surprise you just how lovely your life looks through a creative lens.

Life, as we know it, moves SO damn fast, don’t forget to slow down, appreciate where you’re at and print your dang photos!!!

xx, Bri