Do you remember when people used to use the word nerd as a diss? Is it just me or did this era kind of just end? Can we all agree that being a nerd is awesome? Yes? Great.

Maybe, it is about more than being conventionally intelligent. Instead, it could be about an open-mind, excitement towards learning something new, and valuing life-long learning and growing?

Feeling confident? Sign up for a class. In a rut? Learn how to make a new meal. Wish you knew how to draw your favorite flower or file your taxes? There is probably a Youtube video for that.

At the end of the day, the willingness to learn and a general curiosity for life goes a long way. 

Yesterday, I caught myself in a mood. I was avoiding basic tasks and unwilling to prepare for a very busy week ahead. I knew I had to make a decision about a bigger purchase but didn't want to do the research to find out what would be best for me. 

This is the most basic of examples but, by me simply choosing to not want to learn a little bit about a product I was about to buy I just caused more negative feelings. 

So, next time you're stressed out or overwhelmed, ask yourself if there is something new for you to learn that could alleviate the tension you feel. A lot of our anxiousness lies in uncertainty so, educate yourself with an open mind when you can, and let the rest figure itself out.

Life, as we know it, is often willing to give us what we put into it.

xo, Bri