Hello from one of the newest Colorado residents!

What’s up Virgo & apple season? 

Notice how I didn’t say pumpkin?? That’s because anything scented apple is superior to pumpkin. No room for arguments here. However, pumpkin takes the cake when it comes to most baked goods as long as the word spice is left out of it. It's just cinnamon!! 

Since getting to Colorado I have felt like this place has been fighting me a little bit. The things I typically enjoy are inaccessible or just not great.

To be more specific, most of the coffee I’ve gotten tastes below average and I can’t bake anything because our oven leaks gas. Still no ETA on a repair person. *cries softly*

If you know me, you know I adore baking and found this GF pumpkin bread recipe I’m dying to make (yes I know it is pumpkin and not apple but it is NOT some pumpkin "spice” BS and the recipe looks fool-proof). Anyways, on top of not having a working oven, I cannot, for the life of me, locate pumpkin puree in all of Denver and Boulder. It is completely sold out until later this week and will probably sell out again.

So what do I do to scrap together a teeny bit of joy? I ordered cans of pumpkin online to guarantee I can make some damn bread the SECOND our oven is fixed. It will make me a happier human and therefore positively impact the people around me, right??

Of course, coffee and my oven aren’t the only two things that haven’t been working in my favor but, they are two of the things that I turn to brighten my days.

To bring a bit of joy back to your screen I’m going to shift focus your attention to ME. Cringe? Yes. But, it was my birthday the day after we got to Colorado and I thought why not dedicate a newsletter to 24. So, here is a list of 24 things that bring me joy.

  1. Baking (duh)
  2. Good coffee (duh!!)
  3. Eucalyptus in my shower
  4. Reading in the bath
  5. Working with small businesses
  6. Writing my newsletter
  7. Candles from the Manitowoc farmer’s market — IYKYK
  8. Watching the sunrise or sunset, this has been extra glamorous in CO
  9. Farmer’s markets
  10. Campfires
  11. Waking up to my kitty snuggling me
  12. Playlists here is one I’ve been listening to lately
  13. Realistic fiction books, easy reads I recommend: We Were Liars (good summer read) & In Five Years
  14. Making dinner with Easton
  15. Classic movies. Still so many I haven’t seen, send me your fav please, it’s my bday wish😉
  16. Having my nails painted
  17. Quiet mornings alone
  18. The Maine concerts, or just fangirling with Dayna + Baleigh
  19. Staying organized! In my planner, in my closet/ bedroom/ bathroom/ in life!
  20. Watching my vision come to life because photography rocks
  21. Ordering in sushi (Sushi Express I miss you!!!!!)
  22. Picnics 
  23. Autumn
  24. Drinking wine and playing Uno or Catan with friends

Life as we know it provides so many opportunities for joy, what are you doing this week to make time for your little joys?

xo, Bri