Productivity can be controversial, I know.

But let's face it - we all just want to make the most of our time each day. The most important thing to remember is that being busy does NOT equal being productive. Taking care of yourself is productive! If you focus on creating a schedule that allows for rest and breaks you will likely find that you perform better on all of your other day-to-day tasks and you boost creativity! It is damn hard to be creative when you are burnt out.

I don't know about you, but when I am overwhelmed I am usually not on my A-game. So what do I do? I take care of smaller tasks that serve me in their own way by improving my environment, doing something that brings me some joy, or is intellectually stimulating. We cannot always be in the mood to get sh*t done but we can always shift our focus. I have gotten so little of my work tasks completed today but you know what I did do? Planned a bday present for a friend (HI DAYNA), deep cleaned the litter box + closet, and packed for a fun weekend ahead.

Ok ok on with the list already.

20 Things to do when you Don't Know What to Do

  1. Clean out your car & get a car wash
  2. Make your next grocery list
  3. Make your bed & organize what's on your nightstand.
  4. Clean out your closet (sell & donate)
  5. Throw away expired food, make-up, and skincare items
  6. Organize the files on your laptop
  7. Back your sh*t up to hard drives
  8. Walk to that coffee shop you've been wanting to go to
  9. Journal - find my blog post + prompts on this here
  10. Make a list of your subscriptions and unsubscribe where you do not need to be spending $$ (FabFitFun? Only Fab & Fun for the first month. BYE)
  11. Dust alllll those surfaces. Have I mentioned how high-maintenance our glass bookshelf, coffee + side tables have been?
  12. Vacuum your pet's favorite piece of furniture
  13. Meditate
  14. Stretch your body
  15. Call your grandma
  16. Bake something sweet!
  17. Schedule those appointments you've been putting off
  18. Get your calendar and planner up-to-date
  19. Wash your pet's water and food dish. PLEASE.
  20. Read a book in bed, on the couch, on the floor, at the park - all fabulous options.